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Emily Shuckburgh coauthors new Climate Change book with Prince Charles

last modified Jan 31, 2017 10:48 AM
Hugh Hunt speaks to Emily about working with Prince Charles & the seriousness of tackling climate change.
Emily Shuckburgh coauthors new Climate Change book with Prince Charles

Emily Shuckburgh talks to Hugh Hunt

Dr Emily Shuckburgh tells Hugh Hunt how producing this peer reviewed Ladybird book on climate change was a huge responsibility. She explains that the authors attempted "to try and outline in an accessible way the causes and consequences of climate change, the scale of the challenge, the urgency of the challenge and also to outline some of the opportunities that are inherent in responding to climate change."

This last point about opportunities is a vital piece of climate communications as many perceive the discussion around climate change as being only one of doom and gloom.

The evidence now is quite clear that by doing nothing we place ourselves and future generations at greater risk. Yet by taking appropriate action, we can, not only mitigate that risk, but also create jobs and build long-term sustainable economies.

In discussing working with HRH Prince Charles and Tony Juniper, Emily is clear that this was a collaboration between all involved: "the three authors all brought useful, different perspectives to the book. You will see our voices are infused through every page ... in different ways." 

Responding specifically to Prince Charles' input Emily said, "he was involved in overseeing every single word, every single dot, every single comma. He had detailed suggestions on each of the pictures we have in the book. He was heavily involved right from the start!"

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