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Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2017

23 February - 16 March 2017 - Cambridge, UK

Studying at Cambridge


Panel Discussion: COP21 to Zero Global Emissions

Tonight at 18:30 GMT - Speakers and guests discuss the reality of 2ºC

Date:  Thursday 16 March 2017 

Time: 18:30 – 20:00

Location: Lady Mitchell Hall, Cambridge

Panelists: Bryony Worthington, Kevin Anderson, Jeanne Martin, Martin Rees

Chair: Oliver Morton

Topic: From COP21 to Zero Global Emissions

For the final segment of the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2017, we are delighted to be hosted by the Cambridge Science Festival. This panel discussion will pull together the themes presented in the previous three lectures and focus on the changes we need to make if we are to avoid climate chaos and meet the aspirations of the Paris climate agreement.

The discussions will be driven by our audiences, both in the lecture hall and around the world. So if during the lecture series any questions come to mind, do contact us.

Our panelists all have reputations for addressing the issue of climate change  in a direct manner. So expect an unfiltered view of the challenges we face and calls for action to help protect future generations.

Please note that tickets for this event will be available through the Cambridge Science Festival from 20 February 2017.


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