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Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2018

15 February - 15 March 2018 – Cambridge, UK

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Cambridge Climate Lecture Series

The Second Annual Cambridge Climate Lecture Series Launches in 2018 and Aims to Interact with a Global Audience

Following its successful launch last year, the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series is back in 2018 with the theme "Climate Change Is Now". Its aim is to dramatically increase the level of public interest and engagement on the topic of climate change. We hope that everyone will find something of interest, but we are particularly keen to interact with a younger audience who will have to deal with these issues in the decades ahead.

Our lecture format will feature guest speakers who will each present their take on a particular aspect of climate change within 2018's theme. There will be a strong emphasis not only on the current state of our global climate, but on what possible solutions exist and on the actions we need to take.

Apart from an audience in Cambridge, we hope to reach out to many of you throughout the world via our live-streaming. Provided you have internet access, you should be able to follow events in real time. There will be opportunities for both our local and online audiences to ask questions and we very much encourage you to participate on social media using #CCLS2018.

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee of the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2018


Image of Hugh Hunt
Hugh Hunt (Chair)
Reader in Engineering Dynamics and Vibration, University of Cambridge

Image of Tony Eva
Tony Eva (Secretary)
Earth scientist. Originator of the CCLS concept

Image of Nick Breeze
Nick Breeze
Climate science writer and film maker

Image of Per Ola Kristensson
Per Ola Kristensson
Lecturer at Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge

Image of Terry Macalister
Terry Macalister
Freelance Journalist & former Energy Editor, The Guardian

Marcel Llavero Pasquina
PhD Student at University of Cambridge with interests in climate and energy systems

Image of Emily Shuckburgh
Emily Shuckburgh
Head of Open Oceans at British Antarctic Survey, co-authored a Ladybird guide to climate change with The Prince of Wales and environmentalist Tony Jupiter

Image of James Smith
James Smith
Public Health doctor with interests in climate change and sustainable development

Anna Fee
Anna Fee
PhD Student at University of Cambridge, Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group

Anaïs Voski cropped
Anaïs Voski
MPhil Student at University of Cambridge with interests in climate change and environmental journalism

marta trofimova cropped
Marta Trofimova
MPhil Student at University of Cambridge, Environmental Policy

Heather Smith
Heather Smith
Undergraduate Student at University of Cambridge, Biological Natural Sciences


 Climate Tracker Ecosphere+


Do you share our core values of:

  • Wishing to massively increase the conversation about climate change?
  • Seeking to actively engage young people in this issue and to provide them with a platform and voice?

If so we would love to hear from you and to discuss how we might work together.



Sponsors of the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2018

The Cambridge Climate  Lecture Series has been made possible by the generous support of many people and by the financial assistance of our sponsors.

Logos of the Isaac Newton Trust and Trinity College CambridgeLogo for Microsoft

For information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us

Tribute to Prof. Sir David MacKay

The CCLS 2018 lectures will be occurring near to the second anniversary of David's death. With interests and achievements in fields ranging from neural networks to software for disabled users, and from information theory to energy policy, David stood out as a polymath.

Within the arena of climate change he made important contributions to developing the UK's energy policy through his time as chief scientific advisor in the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), but he is better known through his 2008 book Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air. This has been downloaded for free nearly half a million times and shows the limits and options for renewable energy technologies as we seek to decarbonise our societies. His ability to clearly communicate renewable energy issues is amply illustrated in the video “How many lightbulbs?”.

Anna Fee

Anna Fee
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Climate Tracker

Climate Tracker
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Heather Smith

Heather Smith
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