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Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2017

23 February - 16 March 2017 - Cambridge, UK

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Lecture 2: Anthony Hobley

Image of Anthony Hobley of Carbon Tracker Initiative

Date:  Thursday 2 March 2017

Time: 19:30 – 21:00

Location: Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College, Cambridge

Speaker: Anthony Hobley

Title:  2°C Roadmap based on Financial Analysis

Carbon Tracker’s work has focused on mapping out the financial risks associated with fossil fuel investments. So – in keeping with the “numbers-based” theme, we have conducted detailed analyses of all the world’s major oil, coal and gas projects.

Two numbers, in particular, stand out – the 2C carbon budget and the break-even price for individual projects. Linking the two gives investors a roadmap to move away from high-cost, high-carbon projects which could become stranded assets. To put another number on this: over $2 trillion of planned investments to 2025 are at risk from a combination of falling demand, increased regulation and competitive alternatives.

Another important thread in our research moves from risk to opportunities – we have shown that the world’s oil majors would be worth more if they aligned their production with climate targets – up to $140 billion more, to be precise.

More information on carbon bubble risk click here.

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Tickets for the lecture theatre are free, but registration is essential.

Eventbrite - "A 2°C Roadmap Based on Financial Analysis" - Anthony Hobley from Carbon Tracker


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